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Starry Night Nature Landscape Photography Instructional Workshops and Fine Art Prints

Featuring stunning photography of Colorado, the Rockies, and beyond from award winning Nature Photographer & Instructor, Mike Berenson. Learn how to capture starry sky images of your own in one of the incredible Night Photography Workshops with Beginner and Advanced skill levels in Colorado, Utah, and Arizona. And don't miss the free "How To" Articles & Tutorials, Product Reviews, and Recommended Photo Gear. Then, find space on your walls to showcase images of wonders of the night, mountain lakes & streams, aspen gold, and more from Colorado Captures' Fine Art Print Gallery or Most Recent Work Page.

Behind The Camera
Having pursued sports photography at a young age, I grew to realize the tremendous satisfaction I gained by sharing my work with others. I saw the ability to capture images from some truly unique locations that many people would never get to see in their lifetime. For some reason, the underwater scenes found while scuba diving stood out as reminders that I was on to something truly special...See The Rest - Behind The Camera
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