Nature's Illumination
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A small beam of light penetrates the depths of Upper Antelope Canyon near Page, Arizona. Well known for it's gorgeous beams of light, our visit here was at least as cool as I'd hoped - and that says a lot!

Beyond the canyon itself, I thought the Navajo guides did an awesome job helping us to make the most of the scenery. I was on a photo tour where our guide made sure to take care of the tripods first, everyone else second. Woohoo! And on one of the busiest days ever in the canyon, they were an enormous help. Getting us in position for the great shot, getting everyone else out of the way, and then tossing their dry sand into the beam of light...

The canyon was crazy crowded because it was closed the day before and that day, Lower Antelope Canyon was still closed from flooding. So a huge thank you to our guide, Latoya! Fortunately, I'd read up on what it's like in Upper Antelope on busy days. And since the busy days are tough to avoid, I was glad I was mentally prepared for the crowds. I understand why some people won't go back, but I also see it deserves an official Colorado Captures rating of nothing less than "freakin' awesome"!

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Nature's Illumination

Warm tones, canyon shapes, and a glowing beam of light combine for a really interesting scene in Antelope Canyon

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Date Captured:
Aug 8, 2010
Photo Gear:
Nikon D300 with a Sigma 10-20mm f/3.5 Lens
Vertical 3:2
Dark, Warm, Red, Orange