Golden Mountain Majesty
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After a couple days of winter-like conditions in Silverton, I was itching to get out and see if any aspen color remained. But with all the new snow, I lost a lot of my nerve in exploring the jeep trails. In fact, I had to laugh as I passed a couple of the trailheads I had in mind for exploring as they were covered with what looked like a couple feet of new snow!

I was hoping I'd at least be able to score some color and a good reflection at a spot I had in mind right off Red Mountain Pass. Sure enough, I really liked how the vivid orange color contrasted with the new snow. And when the first light crept down the mountain and hit the aspen leaves, the color seemed to come alive like a light switch had been turned on. This single exposure image was taken at Crystal Lake on Red Mountain Pass between Ouray and Silverton, Colorado.

Having spent the last few years planning and hoping for a fall-folliage trip that would finally yield some snowy aspen pictures, I have to say this was a wonderful capture to finally nail. The combination of colors that appear here have stood out for me as a terrific addition to my portfolio - one that I was thrilled to see in nature for myself and capture for my viewers & customers!

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Golden Mountain Majesty

A rare view of new snow and bright colored aspen leaves reflected from a lake high in the Colorado San Juans

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Date Captured:
Oct 7, 2011
Colorado, San Juan Mountains
Photo Gear:
Nikon D300 with a Nikon 17-55mm f/2.8 Lens
Horizontal 3:2
Aspen Leaves, Fall Foliage, Ice / Snow, Mountains, Reflections
Bright, Cool, Blue, Orange, Yellow