Cathedral Sunrise
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Rock formations including Cathedral Rock and Cathedral Spires dominate the skyline in this otherworldly sunrise capture from Garden of the Gods Park near Colorado Springs, Colorado.

After having lived in the state of Colorado for more than 25 years, it hit me one day that I'd still never been to the Garden Of The Gods. And being an avid landscape photographer, I started seeing more images from my friends coming from the area - which I found highly inspiring. So I decided to stop resisting and gave in to a series of trips down to the garden.

So the first few trips I spent down there were just for scouting purposes. I really wanted to take the time to identify the great spots and when they would look their best. I looked for some locations that would face east and therefore get the early morning alpenglow on mornings with little to no clouds on the eastern horizon. I also looked for some that faced more to the west so I could take advantage of glowing clouds in the eastern skies. This put me in a good position to have good places to go - no matter what the conditions.

As it turned out, my first photo trip down to the garden provided this wonderful glowing sunrise in the eastern skies. So with the research behind me, I knew right where to go. And just like clockwork, I was able to catch it at just the right time with what I thought was the perfect composition. Ooh how I like my scouted locations... :-)

One of the things about this image that I really liked in the end was the way the exposure turned out. I was able to capture a combination of both warm and cool tones. If you look closely, you'll see some cool blue tones in the shadows in the lower portion that contrast with the warmer glowing clouds above. I've always liked being able to capture images that show both warm & cool tones, and this one turned out to be a customer favorite as well.

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Cathedral Sunrise

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Date Captured:
Dec 5, 2009
Colorado, Garden Of The Gods
Photo Gear:
Nikon D300 with a Nikon 17-55mm f/2.8 Lens
Horizontal 3:2
Dark, Warm, Cool, Blue, Orange, Yellow